Practical Ethnography: A Guide To Doing Ethnography in The Private Sector

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  • "This book will be key reading for professionals who want to apply ethnographic methodologies in a business setting, and/or enter the commercial anthropology area. I don't know any book that represents my experiences as accurately as Sam Ladner's Practical Ethnography and yet delights me with many well-told narratives that instruct both seasoned ethnographers as well as novices. If you work in this field, this book should be in your library. "

- Martin Ortlieb, Google

  •  "In this admirably concise yet comprehensive book, Ladner has created a strong perspective on the praxis of private sector ethnography. She has generously shared her own tradecraft, which practitioners, experienced and novice alike, will find useful to hone their skills, across the project lifecycle. This volume marks another phase in the maturing of the field and lays down a foundation for further development, documentation and reflection on its practices."

- Simon Roberts, Stripe Partners - London



Practical Ethnography: A Guide to Doing Ethnography in The Private Sector. This book is intended for two types of people:

  • Social scientists who want to adapt their academic skills to the private sector, either to find a full-time job or to practice as an independent researcher; and
  • Designers and researchers already working in the private sector who may not have formal training in ethnography

Free sample in PDF practical_ethnography_sample.pdf

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This book covers:

  • Practical, step-by-step directions on how to do private-sector ethnographies
  • Why ethnography is both an advantage and a challenge to implement in the private sector
  • Social theories that make better ethnographies
  • How to manage clients and corporate stakeholders while doing ethnography
  • Innovative reporting techniques
  • The best software and hardware for corporate fieldwork, and how to use them
  • How to get buy-in for ethnographic findings

More about the author: Sam Ladner